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Physical Therapy Services

Sally M.

“Working with Cary during my maternity leave was the best thing I could have done. She really helped me build my strength and body awareness. And it was super convenient -- she came to my home, held my baby when he needed it, and helped me incorporate him into Pilates moves. Pilates with Cary was different than the group classes and individual sessions I'd done in the past -- she hones in on the key muscles, helps you visualize the movements you're trying to make, and really demonstrates things in a way that sticks. Plus, she's got a wealth of knowledge in PT for adults and babies. I'm back to work now but will carry the practice forward.” 

Monica H.

"I'm an expecting mom and during my second trimester, I was experiencing a shooting pain in my tailbone area. I would mostly feel it when putting on a pair of pants. Cary showed me some stretches and exercises I could do on my own to help loosen the area. They were simple and easy enough to do and provided complete relief. Whenever I find the pain coming back, I do the sets of exercises she taught me and it's amazing how immediate the results are. If it weren't for her, I'm afraid I'd be lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself, but instead she put me back right on my feet! Those exercises definitely saved me."

Heather M.

“I started with Cary when I was 15 weeks postpartum with my second child. Iwent to her to learn how to reconnect with, and strengthen, my pelvic floor. She was great. Cary is very knowledgeable about working with postpartum moms. Not only did she help me with my pelvic floor issues, she proactively would ask me about other aches and pains that are associated with having an infant (and a toddler) to care for that I was too tired to even remember bothered me (e.g. wrists hurting from nursing, shoulders/neck hunched over and tight). She asked all the right questions and listened to my needs. Being a new mom herself, sherealized that the time I was able to spend with her to care for myself was precious time to myself, and would take a few minutes at the end of our session to massage my neck or head. She even used some amazing oil on my forehead. It was great. I can't recommend Cary highly enough. She is constantly checking in on your progress, assessing where you are at physically and mentally and
adjusting your in-studio and at-home exercises to reach your goals. She is also a fun and personable person and open and easy to talk to about the daily challenges of being a mom (and has some great advice). Not only did she care for my postpartum issues, she helped me with spasticity in my leg from MS. She has a background working with neurology patients as well. Her knowledge base is wide and she has genuine interest in working with mom-specific issues and getting you your body back. Definitely someone to connect with if you have any postpartum issues to address or just need some TLC.”

Rebecca L.

“Cary has been a lifesaver! She has helped me through acute as well as chronic dance injuries and thanks to her guidance and expertise I felt like I had the tools, support, and training tips to safely get back to doing something I love more quickly. Because Cary is also a dancer, she understands how to help other dancers strengthen key areas to prevent future injury. Through her dance retraining and dance physical therapy sessions I have been able to not only become a physically stronger dancer but have gained an even deeper understanding of proper technique. Cary's holistic approach also lets you check in and improve balance not only in your relevé but also in your life.”

Emma R.

"I first brought my teenage daughter to see Cary when she had neck pain. She was dancing a lot, up to 20 hours a week. Not only was Cary knowledgeable, she was kind and thoughtful and extremely intuitive. She treated Asha’s pain very successfully. With continued exercises to help her strengthen her upper body & maintain connection to her upper body whilst dancing, Asha was able to remain pain free. Cary’s skill at identifying some weakness in other parts of her body, meant we continued with regular treatment sessions. Asha’s dance teacher told me "I don’t know what Asha has been doing differently this term, but her dancing has improved considerably!". I would highly recommend Cary as a PT for all dance related treatment."

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