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About Inner Alignment

Holistic Healing

Inner Alignment

As an Inner Alignment coach and Childhood Trauma Healer, Cary holds sacred space for each client who bravely chooses to step into a multi-week container of self introspection and growth.  Her Inner Alignment Programs use meditation, breath work, and other self introspection tools to heal childhood wounds, establish a daily self-care practice, and guide you towards what you desire in your life: a deeper level to healing, peace at the end of the day & the acceptance of What Is. 


Inner Alignment

Inner Alignment is for anyone who has a deep desire for change in their life.

If you experience stress, worry or sadness more than you experience calm, happiness and contentment...
If you find yourself yelling at or disconnecting from your family and friends...

If you have lost your sense of Self....


Inner Alignment uses the mind * body * spirit connection to rebalance, reconnect and realign all the parts of you so that you can manifest the life you desire.

Continued Coaching

Continued Coaching is for graduates of the Inner Alignment work who would like to continue their path, using the tools they have gained.  It integrates all the tools they have learned, helps with accountability, and goes deeper within.


This is a powerful container that cements in the work you have learned, allowing you to build on this solid foundation.  Graduates may chose to continue coaching weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, right after their Inner Alignment program or later on in their life.  It can be used to return to the work or to go within a deeper layer of Self.  Coaching sessions can be invested as a one off

or as a package.

Single Healing Sessions
Image by Darius Bashar

Single Healing Sessions

These powerful sessions use modalities called Soul Retrieval & Fear Exploration work. They are for those who are curious about Inner Alignment work, those who are already on their own personal growth journey and have daily practices, and those who have already completed Cary's Inner Alignment Programs and want to continue to clear and cleanse  their unprocessed childhood experiences.


$222 investment for 60-90 min.

Meditation Program for beginners

Meditation program for beginners:

This is a perfect program for those who want the guidance and accountability to develop a daily meditation practice. This 6 week program has 30 min calls to practice and trouble shoot problems that show up for your practice. You are given new meditations each week and daily text for support & accountability.  These meditations are guided, short and powerful -- perfect for beginners & those who want to return and deepen their practice.

$444 investment, 6 weeks, 30 min sessions

Image by Jared Rice
Find Your Dosha
Color Stain

Find Your Dosha

Learning what about Dosha is such a powerful self-understanding tool.  You are given quizzes prior to meeting with Dr. Barberich to determine what your primary constitution is.  Dr. Barberich, PT will discuss your results and guide you in practical ways to balance yourself that you can implement right away.

$150 investment, 90 min.

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