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Dramatic Flowers

Intuitive Body Work

Ever wonder why some “knots” in your body are just tight while other “knots” have you recoiling in pain when pressed?  Unexpressed emotions and unresolved experiences live within the muscles, tissues and fascia in the body.  Intuitive Body Work sessions is a blend of modalities such as soft tissue massage, deep tissue manual work, Myofascial Release, cupping, gua sha and crystals as well as Inner Alignment principles. Acknowledging the sensations in the body, the emotions that arise and any memories is important release work that may be incorporated in sessions. Each session is individualized to you in the moment.


These sessions are wonderful adjuncts to the Inner Alignment programs, as well as physical therapy sessions.

Image by Toa Heftiba

$150 60 minutes

$700 for five sessions

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