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Injury & retraining sessions

Dance Retraining

Dance Retraining sessions are for the dancer who has sustained an acute or chronic injury, completed Physical Therapy and now wishes to return back to class & performance in a safe and guided manner.   This 60 min session is a blend of targeted dance-specific exercises, kineseo-taping or bracing if needed, & working directly on dance movements that may be still tricky with the recovering injury.

Cary uses her Physical Therapy and professional dance experience to guide each dancer back effectively and safely.  She also addresses the mental or emotional blocks that often accompany an injury using Inner Alignment visualization & breath work.

Dance Retraining is more dance-oriented than Dance Physical Therapy sessions. If more than 10% of the session requires skilled hands on PT work, the dancer will be directed to schedule a full PT evaluation and may require a PT referral from a Medical Doctor.  Please refer to our Dance Physical Therapy offering for more information.

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$150 60 minutes

$700 for five sessions

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