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Dr. Cary Barberich is a highly experienced physical therapist with 28 years of experience. She offers a holistic approach to physical therapy and works closely with clients to make sure their recovery is healing and successful.


Dr. Cary Barberich, PT offers holistic physical therapy that looks at your whole physical body, state of mind and abundance of spirit.


With 28 years of experience, Dr. Barberich's expertise is matched only by her compassion. She understands that physical healing is not separate from mental and emotional healing, and offers a range of therapies to help clients heal their physical bodies, state of mind, and spirit.


Dr. Barberich's approach also recognizes the importance of healing past trauma to fully recover and achieve optimal health.

What people are saying

Image by Vlad Gedroics

Sally M.

“Working with Cary during my maternity leave was the best thing I could have done. She really helped me build my strength and body awareness. And it was super convenient -- she came to my home, held my baby when he needed it, and helped me incorporate him into Pilates moves. Pilates with Cary was different than the group classes and individual sessions I'd done in the past -- she hones in on the key muscles, helps you visualize the movements you're trying to make, and really demonstrates things in a way that sticks. Plus, she' got a wealth of knowledge in PT for adults and babies. I'm back to work now but will carry the practice forward.”
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