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Ballet Dancer

Dance Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for dancers involves the treatment of dance-related injuries and conditions. It aims to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, as well as prevent future injuries. Treatment may include exercises, manual therapy, and education on proper technique and injury prevention. If you are a dancer and have experienced an acute injury, Dr. Cary Barberich can assist you in recovery, strengthening and prevention of future injury.

Have you already completed traditional physical therapy treatment and want to return back to class in a safe and guided manner? Go to the Dance Retraining page for more information about our training and techniques offering.


What people are saying

Rebecca L.

“Cary has been a lifesaver! She has helped me through acute as well as chronic dance injuries and thanks to her guidance and expertise I felt like I had the tools, support, and training tips to safely get back to doing something I love more quickly. Because Cary is also a dancer, she understands how to help other dancers strengthen key areas to prevent future injury. Through her dance retraining and dance physical therapy sessions I have been able to not only become a physically stronger dancer but have gained an even deeper understanding of proper technique. Cary's holistic approach also lets you check in and improve balance not only in your relevé but also in your life.”
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