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Inner Alignment Services

J.F. (wedding/event planner)

"Working with Joan and Cary was truly life changing. Boulders that were stuck in my heart and soul were shifted and made way for joy and love and self acceptance. If you are open to this experience, it will work for you. Not everyone has to understand it and that's fine - the point is to take the journey for yourself and be open. I was really amazed at my ability to "go back in time" and heal wounds I didn't even knew existed, and how they all tied into today's triggers. The entire experience was just incredible - I cannot begin to recommend it enough. Even if you "don't need it" (like I was in the beginning), be open. You have so much to learn and so much love to gain."

S.W. (realtor)

"Thank you for saving me. I mean that literally. I'm free of so much negativity, stress, anxiety, sadness, depression. 2023 I’m free."

R.G. (real estate & investments)

"Cary was an amazing coach and helped me gain real clarity on what type of work I want to be pursuing. I was also dealing with some chronic pain during my sessions and was able to come to a place of acceptance of it through my work with Cary. The coaching sessions gave me skills and habits to deal with any challenge, not just the ones that we talked about during our work together. I highly recommend Cary and the style of coaching she does!"

A.W.P. (stay at home mom)

"Cary is real and extremely relatable, I never once felt judged but always not only felt supported but also understood. She explains all of these topics in such away to make them feel so doable and not intimidating. She made me realize "self care" isn't defined by anyone but me and that body acceptance can have nothing to do with physical appearance. She is extremely supportive and kind. Cary is wonderful!"

B.B. (health coach)

"I love love love working with Cary! I had been stressed out for weeks with an uncomfortable issue that I brought to my session with Cary. In less than an hour, she helped me identify the pre-verbal emotion connected with my stressor. With her guidance, I was able to feel, transform, and release that emotion. As a result, I now have peace with the issue I was struggling with. I am so grateful."

S.D. (teacher & mom)

"Cary is a skilled coach. Before working with her, I lacked the awareness of
some of my biggest pain points. After our work together, i was able to see my pain points for what they were and not get caught up in all of the drama
associated with them. Cary was able to hold space, connect with the Divine, and guide me in creating a deep awareness that resulted in an ease and effortless which I didn't know existed before."

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